Our common goal: Your employee is happy and wants to stay with the company

The right support for your foreign specialists and executives

As a successful company, you do business internationally and bring specialists and executives from abroad to your locations in Germany. These employees from abroad often bring their families with them. In order for the employee to be able to work efficiently in the company as quickly as possible, it is now important for your company to quickly master two challenges: 

  • You ensure the employee is oriented and trained to support his job duties.
  • The employee and his family are immediately welcomed and oriented to their new life abroad and the new culture surrounding them - VORHOLT Relocation Services is your best solution for this task.  We support you and your new employee with professional and personal services to ensure a smooth transition for the new employee and individual family members.
  • The employee comes from a third country. – Here VORHOLT Relocation Services supports the application for a visa within the framework of the Skilled Immigration Act (FEG)

    The right offer for your needs

    Our service modules, of various durations, are tailored to meet your requirements:

    • Entry: this package includes module 0. The application for the accelerated skilled worker procedure is made in cooperation with the company and the skilled worker.
    • Short-term: This package includes modules 1 to 5 and runs over five months with 42 hours / month. The modules can also be booked individually, prices on request.
    • Long-term: Modules 1 to 5 can be extended to module 6 and then run for an additional seven months with 12 hours / month. So your employee and his/her family will have our valuable assistance for a total of one year.
    • Module 7 covers the consultation hours in your company with 16 hours / month. This module can also be booked with increased or reduced number of hours, prices on request.
    • Entertaining, informative lectures and our mentoring program complete the offer. In this way, you increase the level of knowledge of your employees when working with colleagues from abroad.

    VORHOLT Relocation Services ensures a successful transition

    We assist your new employee with all transitional and personal difficulties, minimizing downtime and reduced productivity. We also relieve the burden on colleagues and HR personnel who would otherwise take on the complicated tasks involved in relocating from abroad. Our common goal: Your employee is happy and wants to stay with the company.

    With our professional services, your specialists and executives from abroad can immediately apply their job skills and benefit your company.

    Are you interested in our offers? – Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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