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The welcome service for specialists and executives from abroad

We offer individually tailored service packages for companies and highly qualified employees in order to support the integration of the new professional and the accompanying family into their new environment as quickly and smoothly as possible. In no time, we create a stable, everyday structure in which everyone feels comfortable.

VORHOLT Relocation Services is your partner in Westphalia: in the district of Soest, Hochsauerlandkreis, in Südwestfalen and Ostwestfalen, in the Münsterland as well as in the eastern Ruhrgebiet. Michaela Vorholt has worked for many years as a managing director and business sponsor. She is well connected throughout Westphalia.

NEW since 2022: VORHOLT Relocation Services is your partner in the 'Ottostadt' of Magdeburg, Germany.

VORHOLT Relocation Services supports you and your company with the immigration - according to the Skilled Immigration Act (FEG) - of professionally qualified specialists from abroad and university graduates who cannot obtain a visa for employment via the EU Blue Card.

The Skilled Immigration Act (FEG) was introduced on March 1, 2020 and is intended to facilitate labor migration for specialists and managers from third countries. Click here for more information!

We support you in achieving a stress free and flawless integration - for businesses, professionals and returnees.

For International Companies & Their Foreign Specialists

As a company in the region, you do business internationally and bring foreign specialists and executives to your locations in Germany. Often these specialists from abroad bring their families. In order for the employee to be able to work efficiently in the company as quickly as possible, it is now important to quickly master two challenges. Click here for more information!

For Specialists, Executives & Their Families 

Working in a foreign country is a real challenge: the culture is different, and there is often a lack of sufficient language skills. If the family is relocating with you, a language course, school or day-care must be organized for the spouse and the children. Let VORHOLT Relocation Services assist you in your new everyday life. Click here for more information!

For Returnees From Abroad & Their Families

You have lived and worked abroad for many years. Now it is time to go back home. But many things now feel very different - or has actually changed during your absence.
VORHOLT Relocation Services offers professional assistance and support in the transition back home.  Click here for more information!

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