About Michaela Vorholt

As owner of VORHOLT Relocation Services, I manage and lead all aspects of the company to personally ensure the highest quality of services for my clients. I use my professional experience as a project manager, managing director and economic promoter to ensure that specialists and executives from abroad adapt quickly and smoothly into their new work and everyday life environments.

Welcoming Executives around the world to our region

I bring with me a reliable contact, extensive knowledge and organizational talent for my work. You can expect communication skills and flexibility as well as good contacts and stable networks in the region. All aspects involved in relocation, which ensure that specialists and executives and their families quickly feel comfortable in their new home country - and want to stay. Company and personal references gladly provided upon request.

I appreciate and use the following networks and contacts for my work:

  • Government offices of the district of Soest and Germany,
  • Chamber of Commerce offices,
  • municipal business promoters of the cities and districts,
  • Estate agents and holiday home owners in the area,
  • other institutions that are familiar with Relocation Services.
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